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Gravity is the first and only mobile game I have helped create. Its a puzzle game where you manipulate gravity to help a robot reach its goal safely. It was created using Unity in 6 weeks half time.



  • Level Editor

  • Implementation of 2 block variations

  • Fade screen

  • Moving background elements

  • Trailer

Level Editor

I wanted to simplify the creation of levels for our level designers. I started of by creating a gird that allowed them to simply click where they wanted a block to be placed followed up by some keybindings to choose a type of block to place. This was all done while Unity was in playmode so to save I created an additional keybinding that saved all the blocks as a prefab and could then be placed into another scene for playtesting.

Early version of the editor

Puzzle Blocks

The blocks I was tasked with implementing were

  • A block that kills you when the player lands in any surrounding tile

  • A block that blocks the players path but can be removed by other blocks

The implementation of these were pretty straight forward because we were using a type of hierachy to change the properties of blocks and how they should interract with other blocks

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